Quality Assurance

The process by which Aussie Game Meats sources it’s supply of kangaroo’s for processing is stringently regulated by the Australian Government’s department of Primary Industries and the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.

Our method of kangaroo harvesting and processing is done in a way that delivers the highest in meat safety standards while at the same time ensuring the “worlds best practice” principals are adhered to in regards to animal welfare and conservation management.

Each year the Australian Government surveys & monitors kangaroo populations in each Australian state to set quotas for a controlled cull which both government and animal welfare groups have deemed as necessary to prevent economic and environmental damage.

Once quotas have been set accredited Field Processors commercially harvest 10% – 15% of the kangaroo population which can only be harvested from primary producing properties in Australia and must be culled using humane practices.

Strict controls ensure that no more than the quota number is actually harvested and that from the time of the humane killing of each Kangaroo their carcass is correctly handled and refrigerated to ensure that the meat for the production process is of only the highest possible quality and freshness. Field Processors are continually audited and monitored by a Government approved agency that is constantly in the field conducting snap inspections and reports directly to the Government with its findings.

Field Processors can only supply an accredited Game Meat Processor such as Aussie Game Meats Pty Ltd.

Aussie Game Meats has invested heavily to create economies of scale and field infrastructure to assist Field Processors to be able to promptly and appropriately handle kangaroo’s required for our processing facilities. As a result we have gained the support of a large number of Field Processors who work with our company to ensure that we can offer our clients consistency of supply.

Aussie Game Meats employs a number of checks and balances in the manufacturing process to ensure that our facilities comply with the stringent regulations outlined for both national human consumption and export quality licenses.

The quality assurance program includes the frequent cross checking by on-site vets, AQIS inspections, monthly third party audits and the internal meat inspectors that make up our quality assurance team.

Aussie Game Meats’ processing plants are audited and inspected by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service who have an approved laboratory on-site at our facility for microbiological testing and are physically present during any processing activity at our facility to ensure meat hygiene standards .

Aussie Game Meats is currently supplying customers in a number overseas countries to EU standards.