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Game Meat Processing

Game Meat Processing Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned company that specialises in the processing and distribution of game meat products for both export and domestic markets.

Game Meat Processing operates from a multi-million dollar purpose built facility located in the south eastern corner of the Australian state, of Queensland. The facility is in close proximity to the rural areas that sustain the harvest of the controlled game meat market, while also being less than one hour from the key sea and airports of Brisbane.

A substantial capital investment in our processing facility in recent years has enabled Game Meat Processing to position itself as the equal largest producer of game meat products in Australia and by doing so it has locked in consistency of supply for our key customers.

Game Meat Processing is currently producing both chilled and frozen Kangaroo as well as Wild Boar products for the retail grocery, food service, restaurant and hospitality markets in key overseas and domestic markets.

Greater resources in the business provided with best practice technologies are ensuring that our end product is arriving from the paddock to the plate with consistently high quality.

We pride ourselves on being customer focused, producing a consistently high quality product, and working with our customers to maximise their speed to market to ensure end consumers are satisfied with our products, and the likelihood of repeat purchase increases. 


Male_only-logoMale only harvesting policy

GMP have adopted a male only harvesting policy and have influenced and supported the majority of KIAA members to do the same. For more information click here